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Nunnery Wood Primary School

Aims and Visions

Our Aims and Vision Statement

These aims and visions have been discussed and shared with children, staff and governors.

Here at Nunnery Wood Primary School every member of the school community - child and adult - matters.

In the words of our children;

We value:

  • treating people how you would like to be treated yourself
  • learning and growing together
  • working together and helping the younger pupils
  • trying your best all the time
  • helping all pupils to make good progress and reach higher levels
  • respecting everyone even if they are different

The vision we share for our school is as a community in which:

  • everybody is kind to each other, everyone helps and learns from each other.
  • everybody accepts people for who they are and respects their feelings and emotions
  • nobody is judged on their appearance (what they look like)
  • we always look at the positive impact of learning and enjoy it
  • we all learn a different thing everyday

 Our aims for our children are to:

  • give the best knowledge to all of our children to create better job opportunities
  • give all children values and skills to help them learn
  • help pupils to be happy and make good friends
  • give pupils many different opportunities to learn across the curriculum
  • raise standards in all pupils’ learning across all areas of the curriculum
  • help pupils to reach their targets
  • help pupils to understand about being  healthy so we can make healthy choices
  • allow pupils to try new things
  • pupils will use the values they have learnt
  • help pupils to be ready, with the right skills, for the world ahead
  • pupils will learn how to keep themselves safe
  • pupils will have fun in their learning and enjoy their school life