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Nunnery Wood Primary School


English at NWPS

At NWPS we aim to enable all children to be able to communicate through speaking and listening, reading and writing across the curriculum to equip them with confidence and vital life skills beyond the classroom. We also endeavour to teach the values of pride, respect and encouragement of each other in their learning. Most importantly, we help children to enjoy all aspects of English by delivering an enriching and exciting curriculum. We want them to develop life-long interests and enjoyment in reading, writing and performing.


Children are encouraged to read daily, both in school and at home. They receive motivational rewards across the school when they read daily. Children have access to a wide selection of texts, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as well-stocked libraries in both key stages. During their time at NWPS, children will visit the Worcester Hive Library and have their own library card issued to them. Older children pair up with younger children to teach them good reading habits and strategies. Good role models and enjoying reading together help to nurture that love of reading that we wish for everyone. Within class children enjoy Guided Reading sessions, whole class layered reading as well as class novels and stories. Regular events take place to highlight reading, including Reading workshops for parents and World Book Day.


Children are given opportunities to write for a variety of purposes and in different genres. We also plan many writing activities across other curriculum areas, such as in history and science. Following the National Curriculum, grammar teaching is taught in context and woven into all writing activities, being constantly reinforced. Children are encouraged from early on to independently check and edit their writing. Spellings are given as homework and a daily phonics programme is taught in key stage 1.

Throughout English lessons, and across the curriculum, children are encouraged to learn good speaking and listening skills through discussions, asking questions and performing in assemblies and plays. All children have learning partners that are changed every three weeks. They also have fluency partners to help with their reading expression and fluency.

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