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Nunnery Wood Primary School

Writer's Wall

Year 6


It was the early hours in the morning, a path lay in the middle of the pebbly beech and on either side it was empty. Just sand pebbles and me on the beach, the grey sky stared at me as if it was about to eat me up. The sea washed up and then pulled back. Moments later, the sea ran forwards into the middle of the beach. Along the coast line, flotsam washed up with small rocks and shells. As the steep pathway curved in, the sand span across the shore. Walking into the shallow water, the sky was getting darker and darker, a faint sound of a horn became louder and louder .What was it?

On the coastline, a silhouette of a man stared unblinking at the undulated waves lapping close to him. A dramatic, golden, glowing ray of sunshine bled through the dark, bleak clouds dangling by a thread. Suddenly the wind ran a marathon and the sand spun around like a mini tornado. Only moments after, the wind began to whisper secrets, magic and knowledge. Then all was silent and all was still. 

Film Reviews

Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events

Hey guys, today I’m going to review the absolutely amazing film ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events,’ by the fabulous Lemony Snicket. The film is based on a book series. The title really has nothing to do with the story, it’s all happy and all the characters live in a good family and nothing goes wrong. No I lied. Have you ever read the books? Have you ever heard of the series? Are you a junky for fantasy adventure? Then watch this film. I recommend it for ages eight upwards.

There are three Baudelaire children who are at the beach when something terrible happens, forcing them to go and live with count Olaf (their cousin). Count Olaf has a plan to steal the Baudelaire fortune. Does the evil man pull off his plans? Yes, I said plans.

My favourite characters are: Montgomery Montgomery (played by Billy Connolly), Violet, who is the oldest child, (played by Emily Browning), and of course the villain, Count Olaf (Played by Jim Carey). In addition, Sunny Baudelaire, the youngest who likes biting things, (played by two children Kara and Shelby Hogarth) She was played by two children because she’s too young to work long hours. My personal favourite is Violet because she invents things.  

My absolute most favourite scenes are when: Violet makes a projector out of a torch and a silhouette of their parents; for the time the story is set in its very clever. Also, when Sunny plays with the Very Deadly Viper, don’t let the name fool you.

The film won an academy award for the best make-up and a nomination for the best direction. One child who watched the film said “It’s an amazing film!” My rating for this film is 4.5/5 stars.


Year 4/5

Year 4/5 have been using The Iron Man by Ted Hughes as the inspiration for their writing.

Lilac Class:

As tall as a house, the Iron Man stood at the edge of the steep, rocky cliff in the twilight, glistening night. His great Iron head, which was shaped like a dustbin, looked down at the sea. The Iron Mans blazing, fiery, bulging eyes turned purple with curiosity. Lonely and scared, frightened and worried, his neck spun from side to side. His body, which was taller than tree, looked ferocious and scared off every little miniature creature. His legs were pinned on with chrome and aluminium. His scary, rusty hands scared animals as they moved from side to side in the dark, twilight moon. Scared, frightened, worried, he moved his legs, however he felt anxious because it was night. Despite the fact it was dark, the Iron Man could still see the rocks crashing on the other rocks below. 


Reception have been writing their Chinese New Year good wishes.

Oak Class - "I wish to be at school everyday".