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Nunnery Wood Primary School

Year 1 Cherry and Chestnut

How many of our wonderful Recommended Reads can you enjoy before the end of Year 1? Each book you read at home or in school will be marked off in your reading diary. Can you read them all during your time in Cherry and Chestnut?


What an amazing first half-term we have had in Year 1! We kick-started our new year with an exciting new theme 'All Aboard!'. We read LOTS of pirate stories, including 'The Pirates are Coming', 'The Treasure of Pirate Frank' and of course, 'Pirates Love Underpants'. From these brilliant stories, we produced lots of amazing writing, created pirate treasure maps, took part in some role-play... and even went on a real pirate treasure hunt!  

In History, we learnt all about a very famous pirate – Granuaile (Grace O'Malley). We asked lots of questions, used the iPads to research information, and created our very own class fact files. In Science, we learnt about materials and which would be the best to build our very own pirate ship. We investigated different materials by looking at their properties and carrying out a test to find out which would float... and which would sink.

Every week, we enjoyed time in the woodland - building dens, digging, playing hide-and-seek, and working with friends. It's amazing how many of our school values we use whilst in the woodland. 

As with all fab topics, we finished with a BANG - dressing up as pirates, playing pirate games, and having LOTS OF FUN! We worked as a team to crack the codes, search for clues... and succeeded in finding the pirate booty! A treasure chest filled with yummy treats.

This half-term, we began our new topic 'Let's Celebrate' - looking at all the wonderful and diverse celebrations we are so lucky to enjoy within our school community.